Spiritual Readings with Aliya

Love IS Stronger than Death.

"If I can stop one heart from breaking,
I shall not live in vain."

~Emily Dickinson

~ My Story~

All of my life I have been strongly aware of my connection to spirit, to my "knowing" as I call it, my memory of where I came from, to my closeness with God. As a small child I "knew" things that it seemed other people only wondered about, or were never even aware of. In retrospect, remembering my childhood and the feelings and experiences that I had, it's all very clear to me now what I was feeling then, and why... I am a Psychic Medium.

I have been very fortunate that I have never felt confused or ashamed by what I felt or experienced; I never have felt like I had to deny my true self by ignoring my abilities. Because of this, I have known, learned from and loved, many great spiritual teachers along the way. I have honored my abilities and my "knowing", which have blossomed over time, by trusting them and my life's journey. I consistently choose my spiritual path, over the illusion that is laid out before me. I treasure and celebrate my gifts, and remembering that they come from my oneness to God, I can not forsake the opportunity to help others.

My experiences began as an adolescent at our family cabin in Estes Park, Colorado. To start with, Estes Park, for any of you who are unfamiliar with it, is a very powerful place, with a strong energy bond to spirit. My great, great, grandfather built a family cabin there in 1908, which has been loved and used generation after generation. Now that many of our loved ones have passed on to the other side, they are still a strong, guiding, loving force for us there. It is where I was brought to the conscious realization about my gift as a Psychic Medium. I did go through a period when I had to learn how to not absorb energy all the time from anyone or anything. I had to effectively learn when to use it and how, and when to shield myself from outside forces that, for me, was/is the greatest balancing act.

I worked in the health care field for 20 years, working with the elderly, my favorite work being Hospice care. I felt that so many people come into this world in joy, and leave it in a state of fear. That is simply not the way it should be. I knew that because of my connection to spirit, I could be with people as they were preparing to pass to The Other Side, to help make that passage full of love, and not fear, by helping them and their families to embrace the experience, to know that it wasn't an ending, but the most beautiful of beginnings. This knowledge does not discount the pain of losing a loved one,  but it does provide hope and consolation.

As a Hospice volunteer, I worked with those in bereavement, and on all other levels of care. I have also worked as a 911 dispatcher, so I have experience with all stages of tragedy and loss from the family's perspective. In addition to my own personality, these experiences have given me the ability to compassionately communicate with, and help those in emotional distress. It is because of these experiences with the elderly and the dying, as well as my support of, and connection to their families, that I am able to offer a unique perspective as a Psychic Medium regarding death, the grieving process, and those who have been left behind, enabling me to provide a calming reading, even if you are in a great deal of pain.

I live in Colorado with my family and pets. I enjoy the outdoors, bike riding, nature, animals, music, cooking, laughing, ethnic dining, photography, watercolor painting, alternative healing, antiques, gardening, writing poetry, reading, art, and trying new things.

Grief is the last act of Love we have to give to those we loved.

Where there is deep grief,

there was great love.

My Story Continues...

Grief has become a very personal, daily journey for me, as I have just recently lost my beloved husband Freddie to suicide on December 5, 2017.


I have lost many people in my life, but never has the grief been as profoundly debilitating as this is. As many of you can probably relate, it is causing me to re-evaluate my purpose and my life continuing on without him. In some ways, I find comfort in being able to help others connect to their loved ones. While in other ways, it is profoundly difficult to be in such a raw state myself, and then share another's grief as well. The irony of it all, is that for a Medium it can be very difficult to communicate with your own loved ones. Consequently, I very much understand the spiraling thoughts of grief and missing your loved one. I have always taken the responsibility and trust placed in me very seriously when someone reaches out to me for a reading. I know now more than ever before, how vulnerable and raw a grieving person can be and how important it is to be very mindful and sensitive with the things you share with them.

Sometimes the memory of them is so difficult and yet, not having memories would be unbearable. I don't know what my future has in store for me, I try to just have faith that I will be led in the directions that I am meant to go. It is a very disconcerting feeling for me to not have a vision for my future, as I had before with my husband. However I recognize the choice I have to grow from it and not be withered by life as it has become. Every day I am choosing to do the best I can to take care of myself and find joy, knowing in my heart that my husband loves me and is always with me, regardless of what tricks my mind plays on me. I am strong enough to do this with grace and so are you...