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Spiritual Healing with Aliya

Reading Elements


It's important to enter into a reading with an open mind and no expectations, which I fully realize is the hardest part, but it is also the most important part if you want to walk away from your reading having really heard their messages and validations, leaving you with a sense of peace and satisfaction. It would be disappointing to all concerned, if you were to expect validation of one specific piece of information which doesn't happen to come through, potentially causing you to discount other validations that are received. Many times they will come through with those expected messages, but other times they come through with other, equally meaningful validations. In any case, it's to your benefit to remain open to anything. The most remarkable readings are always with with clients who have open hearts, those who approach their connection with gratitude, so that the energy can fully manifest. This does not mean that you can't be sad or grieving or unfamiliar with this realm, but if you find yourself to be highly skeptical about this process, then I suggest that you wait until you are in a place where you can be more receptive to the energy of connecting, so that you have the most meaningful reading possible.

We all have "Free Will," and since you can change the destiny of your future at any time by making conscious decisions, predictions are often inaccurate. You may be shown what the future could look like if you continue on the same path, or what the future could look like if you choose a different path, however, choosing what direction you take, is ultimately your decision. You should also be aware that their reference for time is much different from our own. For example: 20 years to us, is but a blink of an eye for those on the other side.

It is important for you to understand that a reading with me is a three way conversation. Their messages will be unique enough to you, that you will know they are coming from them. It seems to take as much energy for them to come through as it does for me to receive them, so I like to let them set the pace, allowing the messages to come through in their entirety, as they are not easily abbreviated to accommodate our sense of time. Often they come through with a lot of information in one session, which I don't like to interrupt, (and which is why my fee isn't based on time).


Your reading is a partnership between you and I, as well as the spirits, and as with anything, it is important that we work together to help each other, by being open and positive. The challenge for a Psychic Medium (or for me anyway) is sifting out the messages from the normal thought processes. Your "job" is to interpret the messages with an open mind. A reading with me is not all about me sitting and talking at you... it's an open dialogue.



I will tell you what I "hear," so that we can interpret what they are trying to communicate to you, together. I do allow questions, but I will ask you when I am ready for them. It can't be "rapid fire" questions, otherwise I will not have a chance to hear their answers. If you have questions that come up while I'm talking, please make a quick note and we will come back to it.

It seems that reading styles are unique to the individual Medium; Some are very good with names, causes of death, etc. For me, the messages are often related to identifying and validating who they are, as well as their reassurances to you and messages of encouragement and love. Often they do this by verifying personal objects they had (which may be items you now have). I often get messages about their physical characteristics (as you would likely remember them), their personalities, hobbies, homes, memories, inside jokes that you may have shared, favorite foods, recipes, family traditions, other family member personalities and struggles, family dynamics etc. They also share their messages of love, affirmations, and reassurances regarding unfinished business that you may have. It is not unusual for them to also provide information relating to happenings that they have observed (conversations, events, etc.), which seem designed to reassure you that they have been present, seeing things that only you would know.


For me, usually the messages I am shown in symbols and images will only have meaning to you. I do not regularly see certain familiar symbols, which represent a specific message, e.g., white flower = upcoming birthday, etc. The symbols I get will be unique to you and their message. That is the interpretive process that Psychic Mediums have to work through. If they show a red rose, is that a gesture/symbol of love, or did this person give you a red rose every year for your anniversary? This is where you come in with helping interpret messages as they relate to you and your unique relationship with your beloved. Their messages and affirmations are what they think are important for you to hear, usually knowing what you need, even if you don't. Ultimately it is up to you to understand your reading, and to accept any direction they may give, at your discretion.

"If I die, I will wait for you, do you understand? No matter how long. I will watch from beyond to make sure you live every year you have to its fullest, and then we’ll have so much to talk about when I see you again…" 
~Jeaniene Frost

"Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere else."
~Albert Einstein


I consider myself to be a spiritual, non-sectarian person. I respect all religions and the paths that we as individuals choose, and am comfortable working with people of diverse beliefs. Although I am very spiritual, I try to speak and relate to you in a very plain, understandable "down to earth" way. Please be aware that I DO NOT work with the dark side, demons, or negative energies, spells, witchcraft etc. I don't use cards, stones or anything like that, although I may use candles to set a calm, peaceful mood, but we don't sit around holding hands at a crystal ball having a "seance." By clarifying this, I am absolutely NOT being critical of those who do, but I just want you to be clear about what to expect from a reading with me.

I choose to focus on the Love and Light, and withhold power from the darkness by not acknowledging it. Be aware, there is a difference between "stuck" spirits who are unsettled and need to move on, and negative entities. I am happy to try to help them move on if that's what you're needing. Also, if you feel some kind of energy attached to a building that you want to know about, I can help you with that as well. Although rare, there may be times when I am not comfortable with a spirit, and upon the direction of my guides, will choose not to continue with a reading. In addition to the time spent during each reading, I also spend time meditating and praying in preparation. I am guided by the Love and Light of God and others, this assures that both you and I are sheltered from energy that would manifest in a way contrary to the energy and intention of Love and Light, that we surround ourselves with.

If I feel threatened during the reading by any unwelcome energy(s) that will not depart, I will end the reading for both of our well-beings.

There are a few different types of Mediums: mental, trance, physical, and channeling. I am a Mental Medium, which is best described as communication of spirits with a Medium by telepathy. Of the 7 "psychic senses," I have 5: Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Clairsentinence  and Claircognizance. You can visit here for further information regarding Mediumship and what the "psychic senses" mean. I try not to over analyze the "how's" or "why's," as I believe that it is something that just is. The Psychic Medium mentally hears, sees, and/or feels messages from spirits, passing along the information to the message recipient(s), who can then interpret their meaning. Or more simply, I connect with loved ones from The Other Side, and share their messages with you.

If you want to know more, read the rest of my story...


I suggest that you have a list prepared of any questions you may have, so that they aren't forgotten as we go along. For phone readings, please be prepared to have your time uninterrupted, in a relaxing, quiet place, where you can focus your energy as well. Don’t be surprised if spirits whom you would not expect to hear from (or may never have even known or remember) come through initially. It is not a process where we can just ignore one and move on to another. Each spirit has to be acknowledged before we can move on. Those who do come through, usually come through for a reason. We just have to trust the process and remain open to their messages, and get what we were hoping to hear out of our minds, to be open to what we do hear. Often times, an unexpected spirit may help those that you are hoping to communicate with, to come through.

Be prepared to take notes for future reference, as I likely may not recall specifics of our sessions. This will help you to verify facts that you may be unsure of during your reading, at a later time with friends or family who might know something that you do not. Sometimes what appears to be an unusual message. ends up being a powerful affirmation when you have had the time to put 2 and 2 together.

You can also prepare yourself for our reading by taking a few moments to clear your mind, go inside of yourself, and balance and calm your energy. Set the mood of your environment in a way that makes you feel centered and comfortable. Take some time to ask your loved one to come forward, in any way you wish. Put your intention out there: Write it down, meditate, think, talk or pray to them, the day of, or a few days prior to your reading. Remember to have your list of questions on hand, pen & paper for notes, as well as checking into any pertinent family history so that you are prepared for any "other" visitors.

Grief is like the ocean; it comes on waves ebbing and flowing. Sometimes the water is calm, and sometimes it is overwhelming.   All we can do is learn to swim.


"You're so different, so peaceful."

For years, my Mediumship has been an informal, loving event shared amongst friends. After watching my best friend try to cope with the loss of her mother (for over a year), she finally got to the place where she was ready for a reading, and hoping that it would help her progress with her healing, she asked for my help. Because I knew both her and her mother, I was concerned whether the reading would be hard for me, and how genuine the information conveyed would feel to her. The reading absolutely amazed both of us (as well as the 2 other people there); Her mother cooperated and came through with information even I had no way of knowing, and she has been forever changed. Everyone who knows her sees this, her husband asking "What happened to you? You're so different, so peaceful. " This change has been ongoing, lasting and life altering.

The first hand healing I have witnessed on a very personal level, is what compels me to offer my guidance; It is something that I have always known I was here to do. I feel that I have to share this gift with others who are in pain, grieving the loss of a loved one, or anyone who just needs the reassurance that their loved one is still with them. To those of you seeking personal validation of what is on The Other Side, as part of your spiritual growth and understanding, I can help.

As you can see from my testimonials, you will likely feel very satisfied and content after your reading, and may want to share your experience with others you are close to. Keep in mind as you do this, that even people you would expect to be open, understanding and supportive, can sometimes unexpectedly become skeptical. I tell you this so that it doesn't catch you off guard; Their reaction should not discount your experience, which is yours alone and is very real, whether anyone else validates it or not. It can be hard for others, even if they are open-minded, to fully understand, unless they have personally experienced their own meaningful reading. I have also found from feedback I have received from my clients, that this new sense of peace is ongoing and lasting. So remember, hold on to what you know in your heart and soul: This IS real, you just have to BELIEVE.

"There are only two ways to live your life.
One is as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as though everything is a miracle."


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