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Spiritual Healing with Aliya

Love IS Stronger than Death

Client Testimonials

Are posted in their entirety, without contextual edits.
Last names have been removed to protect the privacy of the author(s).

"I’ve learned that people will forget what you said,

people will forget what you did,

but people will never

forget how you made them feel."

~ Maya Angelou

I have so much left to say to you...

When you lose someone you love,

you gain and angel that you know.

"What if you slept 
And what if 
In your sleep 
You dreamed 
And what if 
In your dream 
You went to heaven 
And there plucked a strange and beautiful flower 
And what if 
When you awoke 
You had that flower in you hand 
Ah, what then?"

 ~Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Aliya knew things she just couldn't know. It was amazing to feel my late husband's presence and know that he was really communicating through her. I asked a few questions and she even gave me answers that were in sayings that he would have used. Aliya was engaging and so easy to talk to. I have already recommended her to all my loved ones and I will definitely be doing more readings with her.

Courtney [Colorado]


Hi Aliya

Thank you for helping me in the past months. You have delivered my guides' messages truthfully and accurately, which was exactly what I needed to break free from the fear that had caused me illnesses. I am now healthy and active, enjoying my life the way I never did before. Your teachings are loving and are from the light. You are truly, as my tarot card readings had shown me, The High Priestess and The Hierophant. I have consulted many spiritual workers in my life, I can comfortably say that, based on my personal experience so far, you are the best I've come across. The way you set your ego aside and offer yourself as a divine medium for the light/love to heal me touched my heart. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Love from

Anne [Australia]


My time with Aliya was phenomenal. I enjoyed connecting briefly with my parents and recently deceased sister before spending more time with my husband who died in 2020. It was nice not to feel that our time together was governed by the clock--she takes the time needed to deliver spirits’ messages. I am quite satisfied she is the “real deal.” She was amazingly clear and accurate and told me things only I could know. I appreciated her humility and straightforwardness. It is obvious she cares about her clients obtaining the guidance and help they need to find peace. I received the recording of my reading within a few days. Aliya has an amazing gift and I highly recommend her.

K Smith [Colorado]



Aliya is incredible at what she does. She has worked with me for months now on a certain issue involving the Heart. So far, we have had several meetings where she works with my Spirit Guides to convey messages that will help me on my next step in moving through this current ‘issue’. If I am at a block, or standstill, she will give me a message from my guides that will assist me in moving forward. She is patient, kind, compassionate, caring, truly Loves what she does & is there to help when you need her the most. I originally went to her thinking she mainly works with Loved ones on the ‘other side’ but quickly after speaking with her, learned she is an incredible medium/reader for the life ‘issues’ currently unfolding in my life & has tapped into my guides for guidance as to what to do & where help/growth is needed to assist me in manifesting my Hearts desires. The unfolding of working with her has been beautiful & I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with her.

Samantha [Colorado]


For anyone considering counsel from Aliya:

Go ahead. Reach out.  Period.


While the totality of my spiritual upbringing might be difficult to explain here, and I’m imagining many folks wonder how this kind of consultation aligns with personal beliefs, know that Aliya and her practice are based in light, in goodness, and in an awareness of another place that we are not meant to fully understand. And yet, on more than one occasion, her intuition and insight have provided me with an indescribable and very real peace and understanding, specifically as it relates to my mother’s passing and my father’s illness.


After my mother’s passing over twelve years ago, I found information in my mother’s documents that let me know my mother, in the months preceding an operation that would ultimately bring about her demise, had also considered consulting Aliya. My mom always felt unsettled about her own father’s illness and death years earlier, and I knew that, facing her own mortality, my mother’s Christian faith and faith in the otherworldly had made her curious about contact and information.


I, in turn, collected this information and contacted Aliya not once but twice—first about one year after my mom’s passing and again maybe around ten years later.


While I will keep the details to myself for my own privacy and out of respect for my family, I am happy and convinced to report that Aliya is blessed with what I can only describe as a supernatural understanding and ability—a rare and gorgeous gift.


We all want to hear that our loved ones are “okay,” at least in the terms we understand such things. Not only did Aliya validate such things, she truly understood complex family situations, relationships, and interactions that are simply not the kind of thing one gleans from research, and in short, I feel confident that each time we scheduled a consultation, Aliya entered a space I cannot and would not try to explain—one that allowed her to communicate with my mother’s spirit and others... and one that is entirely aligned with my own faith and sense of wonder at our world.


To be more specific, honestly, would betray the beauty of the messages and images we discussed, but I would urge anyone considering this option as a way to bolster one’s faith and subdue any concern or fear we may have about loved ones’ circumstances.


I’ve benefitted from a genuine sense of peace, and while nothing can be truly known, my consultations with Aliya were nothing short of extraordinary and super-healing. Her gift comes from light and goodness.


Honoring Aliya and the capability of her presence with the full spectrum of heartfelt intimacy of connecting in the compassion of grief and loss.

Through my son Jamison’s death at 25, I lost my ability to be intimately in contact with him for the first time in 25 years. Aliya reestablished my ability to have intimate contact with him again, after two months without any.

I was also supported by Aliya’s capabilities to find a vigor in the heart to receive the opportunity to understand grief and growth as companions.

Gratitude for the empowerment and integrity I have experienced in my multiple exchanges with Aliya.


A few days ago, I had the honor of having an in person session with Aliya. I have intentionally relistened to the audio recording and sat with the information I received for a couple of days in order to fully absorb before I formed this testimonial. I wanted to choose the right words.

I lost my partner fairly recently to a short battle with cancer. I have been  in the expected darkness that follows the tragic and devastating loss of someone so close. On the way to the session, I was anxious and nervous about what would happen. As soon as I walked in and was in Aliya's space, I started to feel better. She has a gentle and soothing presence that helped right off the bat. 

Aliya was absolutely able to connect with Perry. She described him physically and got a sense of his wit and personality which made it obvious to me that he was present. She gave a lot of unexpected details and references to events and conversations between us that she would have had no knowledge of. 

Some of the personal details took my breath away...I really walked away with a new and deep sense of peace knowing that he is ok and pain free and with me always.  

I fully intend to follow up with her again as time goes along and hopefully reconnect with Perry and others I have lost.

I have already recommended her to several of my close friends and would absolutely recommend visiting her or doing a phone session to anyone looking to find peace and answers around missing a loved one.

Thank you, Aliya 

Kelly [Colorado]




 I can not believe how time has flown by since our reading!!  After we talked, it seems each day that goes by, I am better adhering to my highest path.  I felt like all my cells were a-buzz.  Your wise words to not be afraid of making the wrong decision, have really helped.  


I think of your own loss, and wish I could return the emotional comfort and hope that you gave to me.  I think I understand what you gave, during your own distress. 

"I want to first say, I highly recommend a reading with Aliya. While I understand that the messages she conveys are from my loved ones, her ability to communicate as a compassionate and patient human, is remarkable.  My reading occurred at a stressful and unusual time in my life, fraught with many paths to take. I believe that people generally know what they need, but sometimes it takes others to help.  With Aliya, I found clarity and support in the precious messages from my ancestors. There had been spirit making their presence known, and it was with great pondering that Aliya was chosen to convey the lessons my family needed to hear.  During my reading, I found that her comments were accurate to the experiences I lived and the people I knew, without her having the backstories.  It is as many have already noted, you hear what you need. It is remarkable when Aliya describes the personality or look of a loved one, whom she has never met.  What an amazing world we live in!

From the moment my reading ended, something shook loose in the universe, to my healing and benefit. The recording is a precious treasure between my (living) mom and I, as well. Aliya conveyed new guidance, detail and insight that felt personal and familiar, like when we get advise from those who are watching over our shoulder. (There were some delightful surprises, too!)  May you all have a meaningful experience and know what you need to know for your journey."


Jenney [Colorado]

I am grateful for my reading with Aliya.  She is very accurate and I felt like she had very clear communication with my brother.  She was spot on with details about our relationship, his personality and our family.  I have a renewed sense of peace knowing that my loved ones who have passed are always with me, and the messages I received from my brother are very hopeful.  I look forward to a spirit guide reading in the future.
Karen [Colorado]


My mother very unexpectedly passed away and I was having a really hard time.  A friend had suggested a few books on souls and doing a possible reading.  Of course I wanted someone that was credible, that is exactly what I found with Aliya. I checked into a few but Light Beyond The Veil really stood out due to the endless great references I read. Being my first reading I really appreciated the fact that a time limit was not set on something that was so important to me.  Lastly, the web site gave me so much information as I was very green to the entire process.  Next came the best reading.  Aliya was nothing shy of amazing!  I had so many questions, needed so many answers and most of all needed to know my mother was happy. Aliya referenced things that no one would have known except my mother and me. She gave me such peace with the messages that my mother was sending. I absolutely loved and cherished this experience and couldn't imagine doing it with anyone else! I am definitely planning on more readings and connections in the future! 

I highly recommend Aliya to all of my clients, friends and family.



I am in this totally different place in my life having worked with Aliya.  It's like my world has been turned inside out and now I have a new and sometimes very confusing view of the world.  Let me give you an example.  I was in the post office in our tiny little town talking to a friend of mine. I told him that I had recently totaled my car but was now driving Zach's car (note:  my son Zach committed suicide a year and a half ago). I started to say:  but Zach says his car is much safer than mine . . .   and then I realized that I couldn't say that.
So I start my testimonial with that. That opinion from Zach came from my third reading with Aliya, which was a very painful reading. I was not in a good place and the whole reading he focused on me. I just wanted it to end.  But when I listened to the tape I realized that of the three readings I had done with Aliya, this was the most profound. Not what I wanted, not the affirmations I wanted but the affirmations I was given.  I cannot promise you that all your readings with Aliya are going to be what you want. They are just what they are supposed to be.  It's a very different conversation from the one you have with people in this world.

My first reading with Aliya was an introduction.  She was communicating with my son which was easy because he showed up even before our phone call, and learning his communication style (still not sure how this communication happens . . . but I know it does).  "He talks so fast," Aliya would say.  She described this opinionated person (who before our readings arrived to give her advice about her life.)  Once we got through the introductions, Zach's personality started to come through.  

Two very concrete things stand out from that reading. The first is that Zach talked about appreciating some piece of artwork that I look at every day that I created for him. Indeed I had started his memorial tapestry before he died and finished it after he died. And it hangs in my office where I see it daily.  The second huge affirmation was about GMOs.  Zach was obsessing about GMOs, saying in part that they caused his illness. He and I used to argue about this. Aliya was very surprised that he was so obsessed about this.  I then explained to her that he was a plant biology major at Cornell and that he and I had often argued about GMOs.  In life he thought they were just fine.  In the spirit world he now knows they are not.  

My daughter Elena and a friend were here for the second reading. Zach gave my daughter a bunch of advice which shocked her because no one except for me could understand the advice he was giving her and why.  He spent that entire reading talking about us, bringing up little quirks that only he could have known.  He warned against events that did happen.  He also showed Aliya a landscape somewhere in Europe.  From her description it was Corsica where my family has a home and where Zach spent some of the best days of his life.  Zach kept saying Elena and I needed to go to Europe, which we had already vaguely been planning to do.  My parents also have a home in Paris.  I don't think he cared where we went, but just let us know we needed to go there and soon.

I remember I was a bit obsessed about Zach's missing safe.  Zach's apartment was cleaned out when he died and his safe just wasn't there.  I needed the mystery cleared up.  I was afraid to ask Aliya to ask Zach because I didn't want to be disappointed.  And in fact initially I was disappointed.  He said two things:  he left it with a friend for safe keeping and that there wasn't much of value inside.  I knew there were some stamps and coins and I expected his passport was there as well.  I just wanted to know.  I was surprised that a friend had it because wouldn't that friend have told me?  Also, I had the key.  The safe had been in my house and sometimes Zach would call me from school and ask me to get some document out of it.  I didn't know if he had another key.  The mystery was still a mystery.  The safe was not in my house anymore and I figured I would never know.  That would be one affirmation that wasn't an affirmation at all.

A while after that reading . . . I don't know if it was weeks or a couple of months . . . I suddenly jumped out of bed early one morning and ran up to the attic.  I started going through boxes of my clothing.  At that moment I needed to throw stuff out, or so I told myself.  I went through a couple of boxes and then noticed in the back of the attic a big box with clothes falling out of it.  I moved through the darkness to that box and pulled out some of the clothes only to discover the safe, apparently where Zach had put it the last time he visited, leaving it "safe with a friend."  I found the key and opened the safe.  I was not surprised at what I found. Our family is big on irony.  So if one says there is nothing of much value in the safe it means there is something of great value in the safe.  I found a plastic bag filled with 60 one hundred dollar bills.  A month later Elena and I used that money to go Paris to visit my parents.  And indeed we absolutely needed to go there.

As I said in the beginning of this testimonial, connecting with spirit through Aliya changes you.  I don't doubt or question the connection. I wish it was easier, and that I could just sit back and call spirits to me and have a nice long chat.  Maybe someday that will happen.  But for now Aliya is my phone plan and she does a brilliant job of it.  I am forever grateful for her compassion, her patience and her amazing skill as a medium. 




I don't know if I can adequately express how much Aliya's reading meant to me but suffice to say that I never imagined it would bring me so much peace and comfort and happiness. My boyfriend passed tragically and unexpectedly three months ago and there were many unanswered questions. It was a tough reading and sometimes hard to hear as he had been a traumatized and tormented soul and had many roadblocks and setbacks in his life....most of which I knew or suspected....but not to the depth of despair and desperation he had felt. He was the love of my life and brought me great joy but our life together was not without problems. We had been estranged the two weeks before he died and my despair and grief knew no bounds. I was paralyzed with "what ifs" and "whys" and nothing could keep the agony of grief from consuming me. That is, until my reading with Aliya. Aliya was able to communicate with him and, without me even asking, answer all my questions regarding his passing, his life and history, his hopes and regrets, and his journey after his passing. I never, for one moment, doubted it was him. I had never met anyone like him. He was unique and had a way of expressing himself that was like no one else. All of this came through. Every day since his passing I would ask him the same three questions, known only to me. Those questions were answered in abundance. That would have been enough and in and of itself would have brought me great comfort. But there was more...affirmations and confirmations of his eternal love for me,  of our life together on earth and our spiritual journey together in the future, of being with me now and seeing and feeling and hearing what I experience.....brought me not only comfort but peace and serenity. This experience was like getting the best Christmas gift of your life......and it is a gift I will hold close to my heart and treasure always.....

(Same person, testimonial #2):

A few weeks after my boyfriend’s reading I asked for a reading with my Dad. It was a totally different experience but not surprising as they were as different as night and day. My Dad had passed suddenly and unexpectedly two years prior after a fall that sent blood clots to his lungs. He passed thirty days later. Three months after my Dads passing my younger sister, a double lung transplant recipient, passed after contracting a rare bacteria. In a matter of mere months my small family had been cut in half. My journey through grief for them was no less devastating than with my boyfriend, but it was different. My Dad, and my sister, lived full lives for the most part, were happy and successful, for the most part and their faith was unwavering. I was with them both when they died. There was no unfinished business. And I never doubted they were in heaven. Still I missed them terribly and just wanted to talk to them. What transpired over the next hour and a half was confirmation after confirmation of events when they passed and since they passed. And boy did their personalities come Dad, the engineer, the most organized person I've ever known, asking if I was happy he left things so organized and easy to follow. When I said I'd had a hard time following his system he laughed and said "you shouldn't have. It was perfect." And my sister, talking about how she had been unlucky in love in life, but she was done with all that and having the time of her life now on the other side. Unlike my boyfriend, I can't say I was worried where they were or how they were, but to hear so many affirmations of them being with me and Mom, new grandchildren, sicknesses....even talking about my boyfriend’s passing...left me with such a feeling of peace and serenity and joy. Aliya is a joy.. warm, comforting, funny. You feel like you've known her forever. She said she believes those who have passed somehow send their loved ones to her. I believe she is right. She is a treasure! 
[Name Withheld By Request]

My husband passed away unexpectedly six months ago and Aliya did an amazing job translating for us to be able to connect with each other. He was a very quiet and non-communicative person and so I knew it would take a strong medium to work with him. I was not even sure that he would come through. He came through and it was truly amazing and healing to talk with him. It was very clear and concise. If I was not sure of something he was saying we would move on and it would make complete sense later. I am at peace and people are surprised at how well I am doing while grieving. It has helped me to know without a doubt that he is always with me and he is okay.
I decided to also get a spirit guide reading after that, which was also equally amazing. It answered many questions that I had and helped me see what a healthy and happy road for me would look like. It is coming from your guides who have been with you all your life so when you receive the information they have for you it feels familiar and wise. Both experiences were extremely positive, loving and very deeply healing. Aliya really cares and delivers the information so lovingly and in such a positive manner. This experience for me has truly been life changing and helped me want to heal faster as my husband wants this for me and it also helps him to know I'm okay.
I also researched ahead of time on how to get the most out of a reading and that really helped me come prepared with great questions which allowed me to get really clear answers. I also learned to relax ahead of time and be in a loving state of mind. I let go of my expectations and was grateful for what information was given and on top of getting what information I needed all my questions ended up being answered.
I am forever grateful to Aliya for what she does as it is a true amazing, healing and loving experience.


A year ago I lost my husband. It was sudden and completely unexpected; he was only 44. We we're inseparable. We only spent 9 days apart in 11 years. Around 6 weeks after his passing, the separation became unbearable, and I started looking for help. I found Aliya online and scheduled an appointment. In the days before my appointment I was invited to an event with a panel of other psychic mediums giving readings. I jumped at the chance. At the event I was told how happy and carefree my husband was now. He spent his time playing and having fun. I was too fragile in those days to see it wasn't even his personality to say those things. Instead I became more despondent. I felt abandoned and left behind. Of course I also felt terribly guilty that I wasn't happy he had apparently so easily moved on, while our girls and I struggled to make it through each day. When my appointment came with Aliya, I went into it with a healthy dose of skepticism. I had to protect myself this time. Within 5 minutes I felt the tightness leave my shoulders. I was very calm. I was talking to the man I knew so well. The details were undeniable. At one point while discussing work and money; he told Aliya "ice cream" it even confused her. But I knew. I had forgotten about an ice cream freezer at a friend’s house I could retrieve and sell to make money. My most recent session (my 3rd), my husband gave me a new direction for my career. He told me specific steps to move forward and what to be aware of (he really is quite bossy still haha). Most importantly that he would be with me every step, as he was in life.
I could go on and on but the bottom line is that Aliya's gift has saved me. I am learning to pick up the pieces of my shattered life. I am able to do this because I know I was not just left behind. My husband; my very best friend is with me still, this I know, thanks to Aliya.


Thank you so much for the reading on Saturday. I can't begin to tell you how at peace I feel.  After 27 years, I never thought I held on to so much grief from losing my dad at such a young age, but I can't begin to describe the peace and calm feeling that came over me after he came thru and told me he's ok.  Thank you for helping me connect with my family.
Rachel [Rapid City, SD]

Aliya's reading brought me a deep sense of peace and release.  For nine months after my Mother's passing there were many questions and doubts that arose because of the discovery I made of journals in which she wrote about her spiritual yearnings and experiences.  Doubts filled my mind and the healing process was hindered because of this.
The day before the scheduled reading I slept so peacefully that I had the impression that everything would be resolved. When the time of the reading came I remained open and ready.  As I listened to Aliya describe what she had learned about my Mother during her first contact I knew that I had made the right decision in the choice of coming to her for this reading.
My questions were all answered and the message from my Mother brought me great hope and strength.  It gave me a better understanding of who she was and what she had gone through.
I highly recommend Aliya for a reading and will plan for another one in the future.

EmilyAnn [New York City]



You probably hear this a lot but I can't tell you how much I appreciate what you were able to do for me. At 30 years old, you allowed me to have my very first conversation with my mother...that I so desperately wanted ALL my life. I can't thank you enough. You have helped to change my life in a way that I wasn't sure was possible. Not only am I at peace, but I am happier...deep down inside...than I have ever been in my entire life. What you do is truly amazing :-)

Thank you sooooo much! 
[Name Withheld By Request]



You did a reading for me on December 11, 2012. You connected me with my mother who spent 19 years in a coma and I never got to know her. I just wanted to give you a quick update and I also had a few questions [omitted] about the spirit world, if that's ok.
Right after my reading I had a huge sense of relief...euphoria. As the days went on, I was kind of "out of it". I couldn't quite digest that I was actually able to talk to my mom for the first time EVER. It was just so foreign to me. I wasn't focusing and the only thing on my mind was the reading and trying to make sense of everything that came through. After a couple of weeks, I came out of my "zone" and truly began to digest it all...and realized it really DID happen. My life has been a complete 180 since. People say I have a glow about me. For 7 years I had to take sleeping pills every night to sleep. I haven't had to take a pill in months. For the first time since my mothers passing (in 2003), I can sleep at night without needing help. That is so remarkable and I thank you again for what you did for me.
Thank you again :-) 

[Name Withheld By Request]



My mother got a reading from you not to long ago and it made me very interested. Before I heard the recording I was stuck between believing and not believing. I didn't have reason to believe and no reason to not believe. But after your session with my mother,  you made me a believer. I am looking to get a reading from you sometime in the near future. My loss had been very hard for me and my mother said that you really helped her, so I think I need my own conversation with you. Thank you for your time.
K. [Wisconsin]


My family is a very close family, so of course we were all devastated when we learned my father had passed away in a very unexpeted tragic accident four years ago.
All of us have been have an extremely difficult time with this death so I decided to try a medium for a mothers day gift to my mother. I have always been a skeptic, but since my fathers death I became more of a believer and thought I would give it a try. When I found Aliya, I was honestly expecting her to give us false information and that would be that.
As soon as my mother and I walked into Ix Chel Healing Arts Center, Aliya greeted us and I immediatley felt at ease. She is such a warm and sincire person,  its hard not to like her ;).
She explained the process to us and then explained my father to me so we would know she had the right person. From the first sentence, she was right on about him! She described my two sisters personalities, which she had no knowledge of them prior to the reading. There was information she shared with us that no one could have looked up or researched.
Since our reading, my mother has been a bit better. I believe it lifted some grief and she's able to move on now. Aliya has helped us in more ways than she knows. I know I will be going back very soon!
Thanks have a special gift!

Natalie N. [Colorado]


I was given Aliya's name and website by a dear friend of mine who had already met with her and had a very successful reading.  I did a phone reading with Aliya and was totally awestruck by her ability to contact my Dad, who has been gone almost 25 years.  The beginning of the conversation was an easygoing chat between us and I felt very comfortable with her and could feel her friendliness.  The validations she came through with from Dad were really right on and even his personality was the same as when he was here on earth.   It was so very comforting to realize and be told that he is always with us and knows we miss him and love him.  It was an amazing reading and we were even able to contact several other family members.  I came off the phone feeling like, "WOW".  It took me a while to come down off the high I was on!  I plan to keep in contact with Aliya, for not only is she a wonderful and very blessed person, but she is the doorway to my Dad and others that remain very alive in my heart.
Thank you, Aliya!

Donna S. [ Colorado]

My son had passed away recently and I was having a hard time coping with the events.  I never said goodbye and was constantly worried if he was okay and so many other unfinished issues.  I saw Aliya's website and was drawn to the tree she has on her cover.  Don't know why but it felt right. 

I met her and felt at ease immediately.  She explained everything to me so that I could understand how mediumship works.  The names, statements and other info was right on. I feel that I did connect to my son and that helped to take away some of the despair I was experiencing. I still miss my son very much and will have a very long journey to wholly understand the whys.  Aliya helped in that healing process and I am forever grateful.  I look forward to future visits with Aliya. I have recommended her services to others who are seeking comfort. 

Thanks Aliya!
Veronica [Colorado]


I just wanted to write to thank Aliya for the reading she provided for me and my mother-in-law.  My husband was recently killed in Iraq, and we have both had an extremely difficult time coping and even accepting the fact that he is no longer with us.  I must say that we were both really nervous and somewhat skeptical before our conversation with Aliya started.  Before the reading she helped to calm our nerves by explaining the process.  Once the reading started any bit of doubt we may have had went out the window as soon as she started relaying the messages she was receiving from David.  With out a doubt we knew he was communicating through her by the way she described him and the things that he told her.  It was a very comforting and elating experience.  I know we both feel so much better knowing that he is still here with us and he is happy.  I don't think I can put into words how grateful I am that we found Aliya (I know David was in on that one), and that David was able to come through to her.  I feel that I will now be able to pick up on the signs he gives us to let us know he's here, and feel that my connection with him will only grow stronger. 

So Aliya, thank you so much for taking the time to give us a reading.  You have given us the much needed clarity we have needed for so long.  You have left us with a very comforting feeling, and helped to bring more peace to this tragedy we have been dealing with.  I don't know how to verbally express our gratitude, but thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Colette & Jennie [Colorado]

My father was killed 2 and a half years ago and there was a lot of unfinished business between us and we were not on good terms when he died.  I have been in constant and almost debilitating grief since his death.  Right after my father died I thought about scheduling a session with one of the famous mediums like George Anderson or Char Margolis, but their price was so high for just one hour and I couldn't afford it. 

Two and a half years later and a few weeks ago I was onlilne and just by accident bumped into a website with listings of Psychics and Mediums and both.  As I scanned for a medium in the US I looked at several of their websites and when I saw Aliya's I knew she was the one and contacted her for a session immediately.  Her website speaks for itself!  She emailed and called me the next day and we set up a telephone session right away. 

I wanted to make contact with two loved ones who had crossed over, my brother 16 years ago and my father 2 and a half years ago.  I had been having voices in my head when my brother died and and after my father died I was having voices in my head all the time.  I thought that maybe it was me and just my thoughts that I was hearing or thinking that it was something that my brother or father would say to me if alive. 

After my first reading with Aliya which lasted 3 hours spent just on my father, I was totally blown away with what my father had to say to me and it was exactly what I had been hearing in my head.  She was even able to describe the scene of his death and what had taken place.  She was exactly right.  It was so validating I could hardly contaiin myself.  It was like my father was right there with me talking to me and had been all this time. 

My second session with Aliya focused just on my brother primarily and again Aliya spent 3 hours with me and was right on the mark about how he died and how he regretted it and gave several bits of information about things I had of his which was a shirt.  He also came through with his exact personality he had when on earth and teased me about having a kid at my age (which is 44). 

My third session with Aliya was to contact my spirit guides and they came through with so much information that was right on the mark it was unbelievable.  I was shocked!  Aliya took so much time with me I couldn't believe it.  She was so patient, kind, gentle, caring, and down to earth. 

Aliya is genuine and has a very very special gift. After my first session with Aliya I couldn't wait for my next sessions.  Almost immediately after my first session my grief began to lift and I felt joy for the first time in 2 and a half years.  Aliya has helped me in a way that no doctor, psychiatrist, or psychologist ever could.  She gave me validation that my loved ones really are still alive and well and near me, even closer than when alive and on earth.  I am so overjoyed that I was guided to Aliya. She is every bit as good or better (I think she's better) than George Anderson, Char Margolis, and John Edward, etc. 

Aliya, you gave me my life back and there are no words on earth to describe how wonderful you are.  You are LOVE and LIGHT!
Many Blessings,

G.C. [Texas]



I have to say, I am so happy with my reading. I lost my husband 5 months ago, to a drowning, and was depressed. When I found your website, I knew you would be the one that could connect me to him. What an outstanding job you did. So many questions were answered, and I am so much more at peace now. Aliya, you are such a caring person, and I felt when I talked to you, that I had known you all my life. You are so personable, and down to earth. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm sure we will talk again sometime. 

Cathy W. [Michigan]


Dearest Aliya,

I am writing this letter to let you know how wonderful and at peace that I am now.

I have had several issues with my Mother's passing for almost two years now. I was looking on the Internet for grieving groups which I could share my feelings and frustrations with. I happened to run across your web site and of course clicked on it. I was amazed by the testimonials and how peoples lives were changed by Aliya. I called her that night and left her a message to call me the next day, which she did. I set my appointment up and I can truly tell you that it was the best thing that I have ever done.

I was truly amazed by the reading, everything she revealed to me was accurate and I have never felt so at peace as I did that night. Aliya has been the answer to my prayers, she is such a wonderful and caring person. I cannot begin to tell you how she has changed my life.

I urge to everyone that if you are having problems with your loved one's passing you should please give her a call. I know that I will never be able to thank her enough for what she has done for me. She is a truly amazing woman who has an extraordinary gift from God.

Again I urge you to call if you are having issues that you cannot deal with alone. Thanks again Aliya.

 Very Truly Yours,
Sharon M. [Virginia]

I will be honest I have tried to write this testimonial about 100 times in the past 6 months. I have wrote and rewrote it, I can't tell you how many times, words CAN NOT express what has been given to me through a reading with Aliya.

I will start with my story, I have known Aliya for a while and I always knew she was someone with a special gift. I will be honest, I was skeptical, and for the most part never felt like I needed a "reading". Then on February 15,2006 my whole life changed in an instant. My mother died suddenly of a heart attack, she was 57 years old and I was only 28. It was 2 weeks before my first child turned 1. I went from being a new mom myself to having no mother. My life was turned up side down. I was very close to my mom, talked everyday and saw her at least 3-4 times per week. She was a constant in my life, and if any of you reading this have had children, you know what it means to have your mom there to help you and consult with if you have a question. My rock, my best friend and my savior were gone in a blink of an eye.

During the time of her death I would have to say I was numb, so I don't remember a lot of things, the details are fuzzy about what happened right after her death but numb is the only word I could find that works for me. I spent the next few months in a haze of pain. I called it an emotional rollercoaster from hell that I couldn't get off. I have never missed someone so much in my whole life. I was angry at her, at myself, at anyone who had a mother still in there lives, songs made me cry, my baby made me cry, looking at anything that reminded me of her, I would just sit and bawl. It affected my life, my family, my relationship with my husband, every aspect of my life was affected by her not being there. I went on like this for about a year and a half. Until I finally said "oh what the hell, getting a reading could not hurt anything". A year later I kick myself for not deciding to do it sooner.

My reading with Aliya lasted over 2 hours and was full of information. Solid validations of things that no one else knew I was saying or doing, not even my husband of 8 years knew what I would say to my mom when I was by myself. What this reading did for me was validate the one thing that everyone says "That she is still with you, watching over you." I never really believed that until I had my reading. What Aliya gave to me was piece of mind and there is absolutely NO AMOUNT you can put on that. I would have paid Aliya, heck anyone who could have given me what this has, a million dollars if I had it, just to feel the way I do today.

Aliya was wonderful during my first reading, I asked a lot of questions and she is wonderful to talk to and was able to tell me like it was. My mom in life was a no nonsense type of person, if she had something to say she said it, it did not matter if it hurt your feelings, she was very honest, sometimes too honest of a person. Aliya was right on, she did not sugar coat anything for me, I did not feel as though she was trying to pull information out of me, she just talked to me like I was talking to my mom. By doing this with Aliya I was able to get information to validate that my mom is still with me, songs that used to make me cry, now make me smile, because I know my mom is right there with me singing in the car. Watching my daughter dance at her first dance recital would have made me sad before, but now I just know she is there watching her too. The gift that Aliya was given so very long ago, is a gift that I will treasure forever, because she gave me a gift that no one else can give me, and that is my mom back. No I don't get to see her and I don't get to hold her, but I do get to know she is proud of me, as a women, as a wife and as a mother. What made me the most sad is all the things my mom was going to miss, and now I know she isn't missing a thing.

I have had 2 more readings with Aliya since my first one, (when some other family and information came through as well as my mom, that she had no way of knowing), and I will probably continue to get readings from Aliya for the rest of my life. I can't ever express with words, money or possessions what Aliya has given me, she truly gave me my life back and gave me myself back, free of pain, free of guilt. I walked away from the reading with Aliya a completely different person, I am more spiritual and I have found inner peace. I walked into my reading with Aliya with my heart broken and empty and walked out with my heart mended and full and I will forever be grateful to Aliya, she saved my life.

Carrie C. [Colorado]


I had a reading with Aliya, I wanted to contact my father. I had so many questions since his passing. I was so unsure of the decisions that had been made and even though my dad spoke Spanish, which I was very concerned about the language barrier she was still able to reach him and the minute she told me I called him "papi" which is daddy in Spanish I new this was the real thing. She made me feel at ease and made me feel like I had known her for years, she was very patient and understanding when I would start to blubber. She told me so many things that only my immediate family knew. She also told me a couple of things that I had no clue on. She talked to me about earrings that had been in the family for different generations, she talked about stairs, and she said my dad was on the other side with a son and daughter. I knew my dad had lost a son before I was born but had no clue about a daughter. I was concerned that we had someone else. I talked to my mother and my aunt who had no idea I had contacted a medium and just casually started bringing up different subjects. Low and behold my aunt has a pair of earrings that belonged to my great grandmother and she told me she wanted to pass them on to me. My mother fell down a flight of stairs when she was pregnant and lost a little girl. I got goose bumps when my mom and aunt told me that. I then decided to share the information Aliya had given me and so many other things just fell into place. THANK YOU Aliya, I had been so lost and confused for the past year and you really set me at ease, I feel like I can finally breathe. I now know that I was daddy's little girl and he was very proud of me. Words really can't describe how I felt when I hung up with her. 

Sonia M. [Florida]

Thank you again for the reading today. It is hard to explain in words how it feels to receive such a clear and comprehendable understanding from the other side. I feel better understood, more focussed in my journey and more grounded in my life on earth. You have learned how to use your gifts to the fullest and I will highly recommend you to anyone seeking spiritual services. 

Thanks again,

Paul A. [Colorado]

My reading with Aliya was the most amazing experience. She contacted my Grandmother & Mother-in-Law for me. I have waited years for the experience to speak to my Grandmother & Mother-in-Law one last time. Aliya made this possible, & calmed my nerves with conversation before the reading began. She is an extremely accurate, compassionate, gentle, soothing, & caring lady. Aliya also has a great sense of humor.
I felt so comfortable with Aliya that I forgot I was talking to a psychic, I felt like I was having a conversation with a very close friend. I cannot express my gratitude enough to Aliya for the reading, I feel happier than I've felt in a long time, & more at peace with myself. I will definitely use Aliya's services again & refer her to my friends & family. 

Debra S. [Florida]

I was searching for answers after trying to come to terms with the death of my step-daughters mother. Aliya, not only helped my step-daughter and I find peace of mind, but also left us comforted with warmth in our hearts after helping us deal with our misfortunate turn of events. Before speaking with Aliya, I was a little skepticle, but after hearing, personal message's through her, (things that there was no way she could of known otherwise), that it blew any doubt I ever had completely away. I was quite comfortable and felt very much at ease getting my first reading. I know I will definatley be calling Aliya again for her services and insight. 

Until we talk again.

With fond thoughts, and many thanks.

Theresa C. [Colorado]

A reading with Aliya is like a warm embracing hug. It seems to mean more because for a brief time, you feel a real shared friendship. The information that comes through is not delivered in a dispassionate "here are the facts" sort of way. You know that Aliya truly cares about you, so the "facts" that are delivered go straight to the heart. Aliya was able to tell me things that were absolutely from a deceased loved one, things that were specific to that person. When the reading concluded, I was left with a feeling of warmth and love that I hadn't anticipated. I felt a renewed closeness to the "other side".
I would definitely recommend a reading with Aliya. 

Take care,

Beth M. [Colorado]

Recently I had the pleasure of experiencing a reading with Aliya. I must say, the reading was surprisingly accurate, comforting and a little bittersweet. The very first spirit to come through was my dad who passed within the last two weeks. As most of us know, the grieving process is especially profound in the first days, weeks and months after a loved one passes. Although my dad was well into his 80's it was wonderful to know that he once again had the strength and the "voice" to express his love and commitment to his family in this life and most especially to my mom. I am comforted to know that he is watching over us and has settled in nicely with loved ones who preceeded him to the other side. thank you Aliya for offering me real peace of mind.
Karen F. [Massachusetts]

Those we love don't go away, they walk beside us every day.

When the wind blows, know that I am near..

People die, but your relationship with them doesn't. It continues and is ever-changing.

"Absence is a house so vast that inside you will pass through its walls and hang pictures on the air." 
~Pablo Neruda

"Absence is a house so vast that inside you will pass through its walls and hang pictures on the air." 
~Pablo Neruda

"In my heart, you are still alive..."

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