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Spiritual Healing with Aliya

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a typical reading?

The average reading is about an hour, give or take. It takes a lot of energy both for myself as well as the spirits, to connect, so it seems after an hour the energy seems to begin to wane. There is no way of telling how much information the other side will come through with, which is why my rate structure is open-ended, as the spirit world does not acknowledge our concept of time and space. I want each of my clients to get the most they can from their reading and not feel restricted by time.

Is a phone reading the same or as accurate as an in person reading? If so, how can that be?

Yes, actually in many ways a phone reading is preferred by many. You and I both can be in our own personal spaces where we're comfortable, avoiding traffic and other hassles. Also, there can be no doubt that the reading is tainted by the Medium reading your body language etc. As I said above, the spirit world is not restricted by time and space, so it is possible for them to connect with you and I both simultaneously, in different places. Additionally, a phone reading allows you the option of having your session recorded as well. Ultimately, it is up to you to choose which is more meaningful to you, based on your needs and preferences. I do occasionally schedule in person readings per special request, but telephone readings are typically more readily available. 

Can you contact more than one person?

Yes, I can, the goal for a Medium is to separate the energies and their messages. I feel that you receive the most complete messages if we focus on the primary few that you wish to connect with, as sometimes with too many, their messages can become abbreviated if they are vying for time, or one energy can overshadow a more quiet energy. They realize that for them as well as for me, time is of the essence, as we all have only so much energy for a given session, and some can be pushier than others. I recommend that if there are several you really need to connect with, to break it up into different sessions, to get the most from each being. Also, there is only so much you can absorb, knowing this, they may limit their messages.

Can one reading really help, or will I need more to get results?

For most people, 1 reading really does help, and makes a lasting difference. Unless, as I mentioned above, there are several beings you wish to connect with. Also, if you are interested in connecting with your Spirit Guides as well as your loved ones, I like to schedule separate sessions for this. Sometimes your Guides will come through during a normal reading, but most of the time, they want your complete attention. The process to connect with these types of beings is different, so I prefer to do them separately.


Can I ask questions during the reading?

Yes you may. I actually welcome questions after I have shared with you the preliminary information that I have received. I only ask that if I am conveying their messages, please don't interrupt me, and make a note to go back to later. Often, if I am interrupted they go on without me, so it's important that I keep up. This is especially true with Spirit Guides, as they operate from a higher level, and share a lot of information very quickly. I only ask that your question's intention in not to “test” me or prove to yourself that the process is real. It's disrespectful to both your loved one and I, and is a lack of faith in the process which blocks the energy and the process. You will not get the best reading possible until you are more open , and should wait until then to seek a reading.

I’ve heard that Mediums can’t stay connected for very long, how long can you do a reading?

I have been able to do readings for several hours, it just depends on how long the information keeps flowing, and when I get tired. They seem to be able to tell when I need to be done, and will usually begin pulling away when they feel my energy has dropped. I have not had a reading that is less than 1 ½ hour, and sometimes they can last as long as 3 hours.

If I live overseas can you still do a reading for me?

Yes, we will just need to keep in mind time differences when scheduling your session. Also, you will be calling a telephone number in the US, so just keep this in mind.

Should I take notes during my reading? (benefits of notes vs. recording)

You may take notes, or for telephone readings choose to have it recorded. You can also record your in person session yourself, although sometimes their energy can interfere with electronics and it will not work. The benefit of recording versus notes is that it allows you to focus more on what you are hearing that what you are trying to remember to write.

Will you remember the details of my reading if I forget?

I will not likely remember the details of your reading. Being looked after as I am from the other side, I believe that they know I can not possibly carry the weight of all the emotions and information that is shared in my sessions, without it affecting my well being. This why taking notes or recording your session is advisable for your future reference.

How much information should I share when I contact you?

Every Medium operates differently, some want nothing, some want more. I personally want only the name of those you wish to contact. If you give too much, it can interfere with you feeling that the messages and validations are authentic, that it is indeed your loved one. It also helps me to remain objective and keep the messages flowing, and to know that the messages are coming from “them” and not my mind inserting information that you have previously shared. During your reading, I may ask "Does this make sense? Do you understand the information?" that's when I appreciate validation to know that I am on the right track.

Why do most Psychic Mediums say to come to a reading with no expectations?

For many reasons.. It's important to enter your reading with an open mind and no expectations, being grateful for whatever they choose to come through with. I realize this is easier said than done, but is very important if you want to really hear their messages and validations, leaving you with a sense of peace and satisfaction. It is disappointing for all concerned, if you approach your reading thinking that “if it is really them” that they will come through with specific pieces of information, and if they don't, you discount all the other validations that they did choose to come through with. Many times they will come through with those expected messages, but other times they come through with other, equally meaningful validations. In any case, it's to your benefit to remain open to anything. If you aren't, it blocks the natural flow of energy, and can interfere with their efforts as well as mine. None of us understands the reasons why who comes through, when they do, in the way they do. If you really want to connect with The Other Side, you have to let that human part of your thinking go, at least for the duration of your reading, it will also enable you to be more open for future experiences of your own, if you learn to do this in your everyday life. Also, they have “free will” just as we do, so expecting them to “prove” anything to you and having expectations about what you think they should say, (or who should come through) is disrespectful on your part. Just as with God, when connecting with the spiritual realm, your ability to have a certain level of “blind faith” is necessary and beneficial.

How do you connect to spirits?

It is one of those experiences that is hard to describe, if you haven't experienced it yourself. Unlike many Psychic Mediums, I usually do not 'receive' all of the time, but only when I open myself to their messages and energy.  Occasionally, a very determined spirit will slip through when I am not asking, that's when they usually have important business, like being concerned for a loved one. It is a very subtle connection when communicating with spirit,  for me it is not an obvious form standing in the room that I actually see and hear. I must separate their messages from my own normal thought process, and try to interpret their messages correctly. This is why having too much information from you beforehand can interfere, because then I am wondering if it is coming from them, or if it is in my head from what you told me. And just like here in life, some spirits are very good communicators, and others are not so good, or are still learning.

So what is the actual process to connect?

All of us, whether here or on The Other Side, are vibration/energy. We humans have physical/chemical bodies as well as our vibration, spirits don't have the physical/chemical bodies that we do, they are all vibration. Depending on whether you are in spirit form, or human form, the vibrational frequencies vary. A good analogy that illustrates this is, to imagine the different manifestations of water. We as humans are ice, vibrating at a lower more 'dense' frequency, and spirit is the 'lighter' steam or vapor, vibrating at a higher frequency. In order for humans to communicate with spirit (and vice versa) we must raise (or speed up) our frequency and they must lower (or slow down) theirs. Communication takes place in the middle, where the ice melts; water.



What do they say, what are their messages about, why does this help people?

Their messages usually are about validations, affirmations, unfinished business, appreciation and love. It usually depends on what they know you need. Readings will usually start off with validating who they are, physical, personality, where they lived, their interests, how they died, your relationship etc. (which I will then need you to verify for me), then we can move on to other messages. If one of your major issues has been that you think they are really gone and not still with you, their messages may have to do with what they have been witnessing in your life, to show you that they are indeed still with you sharing your experiences. If you have issues about how they were in life, for example someone who was negative or had many problems, many of their messages will clarify that they have learned and moved past those human issues to be at peace, this sometimes depends on how long they have been on The Other Side. They will validate how you remember them as humans, but rarely will they hold on to the same "issues" as spirit; part of being spirit, is seeing things clearly'inhuman', learning and moving past that. If you had end of life issues regarding unfinished business, they will sometimes address that. It can be a very conversational experience, as you are asking a question, I will hear their answer which helps me to connect to them even more. I also to know feel their personalities as they were here on earth, sometimes evensharing funny inside jokes etc. Their messages convey love and healing; knowing that our loved ones are safe and well and really are still with us is why this experience helps so many people.

Will they tell me what I should do, what directions I should take?

Many times they do, or sometimes if you ask specific questions, they will give you answers. If they were very opinionated in life they may give more advice, than if they were the type of person that always let you figure out things for yourself. Just remember, we don't always like to hear what we need to hear, (but they aren't unkind about it). They may advise you to check on a health issue, but they will not share, "scary" information, or tell you things such as when someone else is going to die.

Why don't I feel them around me or hear messages on my own?

It can be very hard to hear messages from your own loved ones, in fact, many Psychic Mediums can not hear messages from their own loved ones. I think this is because you are so close to them, it is hard to differentiate between what you want to hear or think they would say, to know what they are actually saying. Also, intense grief can get in the way, which is why I encourage others to deal with their grief. Once you have moved past some of the pain, it enables you to be in a more peaceful balanced place. Because of the subtly of communicating or feeling spirits, it is necessary to be spiritually calm to fully be able to hear and feel. One analogy that I think illustrates this well is- Imagine hearing a wind-chime a block away, (this is your loved ones presence) and your neighbor next door is shooting off noisy fireworks (this is your grief)- your grief is so noisy and disruptive it's hard to be quiet and peaceful enough to hear the subtle communication that comes through. The important thing to remember is that your loved ones are always with you, watching over you, whether you feel them or are aware of them or not.

If my loved one is always with me as you say they are, do they see everything that I do, do they judge me, are they mad at me?

Your loved ones are always with you, however, there are boundaries; our private moments are still our own.. Although they want only the best for us and hope for us to choose wisely, and may tell you that the path you are on is not the right one for your happiness and growth, it comes from a place of love, not judgment. From their perspective on the other side, everything happens as it should, and our path is our own to choose. So no, they do not judge you, and are not usually mad at you for the choices you make. Keeping this in mind, they do seem to expect us to make good, healthy choices, and if you don't, they will certainly let you know.

What if when I deal with my grief they will no longer stay with me, what if they don't think I still need them?

Many people hold on to their grief as one last connection to their loved ones, thinking that if they get past it, they will loose their connection to their loved one, believing that our loved ones will only stay close to us if we still need them.  Holding on to your pain for this reason, is selfish on many levels, not only for those who are left in your life, but for your departed loved one, that desire only your happiness. Remember, your discomfort causes them uneasiness, while your happiness gives them comfort. If anything, your pain can keep them from moving on as peacefully as you would like for them to. But, moving on does not mean, moving away from you, as there is no time and space for them, they will always remain close to you. Going through the grieving process is necessary, but prolonged grieving is damaging. Your loved ones are there for you, always. And while they do stay very close to you in your times of need, they are never far from you, even if you have begun to happily live your life. The reverse is actually true, as they want to share your joys with you as well.

What if I think my loved one is angry with me? I may not be ready to deal with that.

The other side exists as unconditional love. They may convey characteristics that they had as humans and as a validation for you, but as part of the growth and healing that they experience on the other side, they work through those human issues to forgive and love. They no longer have the human issues that we do, and for us to place those issues on them, is our mistake, not theirs. It is the rare being that still has human issues and has not yet moved past them. With the few that I have encountered, they actually desire to let go and release each-other from past issues as part of their growth and yours, so that you both can move forward in love and peace.

What if the loved one I want to connect with does not come through, can you summon them?

I cannot demand “at will” for any energy to just arrive for us, we can request, but as everything is “free will”, we cannot demand anything. As you are preparing for a reading there are things you can do to help. You may send out the intention to connect to the energy of your loved one, and ask them to come forward. You may read more about this on my Dynamics page on my web-site under “How you can prepare for your reading”. Having said this, I am very fortunate that the specific being you are hoping to connect with usually does come through, although it is not unusual for others to come through as well. I have yet to have this issue, but if we did, it would probably be due to another spirit having unfinished business that you both need to address. Often, spirits come through together, this happens especially when someone has not been crossed over for very long, they seem to escort and support each-other. If your loved one has not been on The Other Side for very long, and are are still learning how to come through and communicate, they may need the guidance of another spirit that they are close to, in which case, I may pick up on their energy as well.

Can evil or bad spirits interrupt my reading, is it dangerous?

I DO NOT work with the dark side, demons, or negative energies, spells, witchcraft etc. I choose to focus on the Love and Light. Be aware, there is a difference between "stuck" spirits who are unsettled and need to move on, and negative entities. Although rare, there may be times when I am not comfortable with a spirit, and upon the direction of my guides, will choose not to continue with a reading. In addition to the time spent during each reading, I also spend time meditating and praying in preparation. I am guided by the Love and Light of God and others, this assures that both you and I are sheltered from energy that would manifest in a way contrary to the energy and intention of Love and Light, that we surround ourselves with.

What is the difference between incarnate energies and discarnate energies?

The simple answer is, incarnate is to give bodily (especially human), form to energy. Discarnate is energy not embodied in physical form. In other words, we all have energy, spirits, or souls, (whatever you wish to call it), and if “it” is manifesting as a physical being, it is incarnated, if it is in spirit form and not embodied, then it is discarnate.

Do all Psychic Mediums channel?

No, Channeling spirit is very different. During a regular reading with a Psychic Medium the Psychic Medium receives information from higher realms and passes that on to you, and is completely aware of the energies involved. When a Psychic Medium channels, a particular energy communicates directly through the Medium to others, often times even the voice or mannerisms of the Medium changes to reflect that of the spirit that is communicating. Automatic writing is also a form of channeling. I do not channel, but do sometimes utilize a form of automatic writing prior to my readings.

Do you have to have been close to one who has passed on for them to come through in a Medium reading?

No, it's actually funny to note some of the acquaintances that come through sometimes, that you would never have thought you'd hear from. However, you need to have known them well enough to be able to validate what they comethrough with, since it's you who knew them, not me



Can they come through even if they have been gone a long time?

Yes, the only difference, is that the longer they are gone the more “of spirit” they tend to come across as, less human if you will. Remember too, that time is different for them, 20 years to us, is but the blink of an eye to them. I have done many readings when the loved one had been passed for as long as 20-40 years.

Will my loved one wait for me, will they be there when I cross over, or will they have moved on to do something else?

Your loved ones remain connected to you, and will arrange that what they are doing on the other side, corresponds with when you are finished here. Remember as I mentioned above, time is relative.

What about if they have just passed, do I need to wait?

I have had spirits come through right after they have passed, but that doesn't mean that you are ready. There is no specific time line to know when you are ready, as that varies for each individual. But a reading with a Medium is not a replacement for the normal grieving process, you shouldn't hope to be able to skip ahead, just because you get a reading. It may help you move through the process with more peace and ease, but it can't eliminate it altogether. I would advise that it is not usually a good idea right after your loved one has passed (within a month or so). You need to understand that a reading with your Loved One 2 months after they have passed will be different from how a reading a year later would be, the progress they make and how they communicate and also what you hear according to your grief process. So, as long as you understand that a reading won't fix everything, and you can be realistic, then a reading can be helpful for you at any stage.

I have heard that spirits may come through of family that I never even knew, why would that be?

Yes, often they do, the family connections seem very strong for them, even if we never knew them. Sometimes they come through with someone you are connected to, to support them. There are so many unknown things, that for any of us to claim we understand how it all works would be ignorant, if not arrogant.

Why do you charge for your services, if you truly want to help people why aren't your readings free?

First, if you think about it, most people that help others do get paid for their time and services: doctors, nurses, ministers, grief counselors, etc. Not to mention the countless other services that are charged for, that don't even help people. You have to take care of yourself in order to be in the calm, spiritual space that you need to be in to be of service to others, and part of taking care of yourself means being able to pay your bills and taking care of your family. We are each given our "gifts" from God, not only to help others, but to take care of ourselves in the process, so that we can help others. Teachers, carpenters, musicians, artists, each person is given unique gifts, things for which they have a natural aptitude, things which they are passionate about. These things are given to them to help Guide them to their joy, their fulfillment, their purpose, and to help them support themselves and their families. Receiving compensation, allows one to keep going, to keep helping. Helping others in this way is my passion, and is what God wants me to do, so through this, he makes sure I am taken care of, so that I can keep doing it. Also considering that unlike other “jobs”, because of the energy it takes, rarely can a Medium do readings for a solid 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, and I have found that trying to work full time elsewhere takes my time, energy and attention away from doing this. The reality is that the fee paid for a session has to include the time making the arrangements, spiritual preparation, the reading itself and winding down afterward.  If you are not careful, balanced and rested, you can not connect to the other side and continue helping others. I do donate my services trying to make my services accessible to those in need as well.

Aren't traditional grief counselors and support groups better?

I don't know that anyone can say that one way or another is better for everyone. Each person has unique needs, experiences and viewpoints that dictate what is most beneficial for them. We each have our own thoughts and paths, but for a lot of people, this is one piece of the healing process that helps them remember and know that their loved one is still there, which can help get them past the spiraling thought processes that seem to keep them stuck in a prolonged grieving process. Numerous bereavement groups have started to find that this type of spiritual healing, through credible Psychic Mediums, to be the missing link for many of the bereaved.

Is a Medium Reading a substitute for the normal grieving process and/or counseling?

Definitely not. Although it can certainly be used in conjunction with, prior to, or after grief counseling (but not instead of), unless of course after a reading, you find that it has helped you immensely, as it has many people.

How do you prepare for your readings?

I pray, meditate, and connect with your loved one, sometimes through a process similar to automatic writing, prior to your reading, so that I am prepared, and “know” your loved one before we begin.

Do you assist with hauntings, and other paranormal investigations?

Sometimes I do; I ask for the direction of my guides, and then I will proceed if they feel I can safely help, my approach to this type of interaction is “guarded” however. I offer information about what I feel and am receiving from the energies, I will also offer to help them move on, however often times they are not ready to do so, at which point I may recommend that you to seek the services of someone who specifically specializes in clearing energies.

Can negative entities or evil spirits attach themselves to us? What if I think I have one attached to me?

There are negative energies; in the universe there is dark/light, positive/negative, good/bad, yin/yang etc.~ it is all part of the balance. If there was no bad, could you appreciate the good? However, I believe that what we acknowledge and let into our space is a personal choice, and I choose to not give the negative energy the power, control and attention that it needs to manifest. My belief is that by acknowledging “it”, you give “it” the control that “it”seeks. For a long time I didn't believe in evil attaching to people, and as much as I would like to say otherwise, I have seen evidence over my lifetime to suggest that it can and does happen. I believe that some Psychics focus far too much on the negative energy and fear, thereby feeding the negative energy and preying upon the fears of others; if anyone has told you that there is something attached to you, I would personally question this information and continue to seek advice of credible, spiritual practitioners. Often times, when someone is feeling lost, confused, or disconnected from God, it is just the negative energy that is around us in general from the negativity in the world. Many times I have found that this happens with people who have spiritual gifts that they are not acknowledging and developing; when you ignore your gifts and your relationship with God (however you wish to define that), this can cause you to feel pain, stuck, lost, confused etc. It is a good time to consider consulting either a traditional therapist, or a spiritual counselor like myself, who can offer directions from your higher being, your loved ones, guides and angels. Very useful information, direction and love can be conveyed that really can give you the tools to become connected to higher energy and know how to move forward in love and light. Of course if it is decided that there is negative energy attached to someone, it is my feeling that spiritual healers who specialize in energy clearing, as well as clergy, both have an important role in moving forward with clear energy. One of the most important choices we can make is to consciously surround ourselves with the white light and love of God every moment of every day, and not just saying “I'll try” but by just simply doing it, and not making it harder than it is.

Do messages always come through to you clearly, or is there interpretation involved?

Depending on the spirit, their personality, how long they have been crossed over, etc. some messages come through very clearly, and with others there is more interpretation that is needed. The trick for any Medium is to separate your mind and thoughts from what you are receiving from spirit. They will send many different messages, and depending on the Psychic Medium's own experience, how they receive, and their own unique life experience, they will get some but not all of the messages. Often times people come to a reading thinking “If this is real, then he will validate one specific piece of information (like his ring I wear ever day etc),” we as humans seem to think we know how things should happen, and when they don't, our faith waivers, instead of being open to the process and whatever comes through. Even if they don't mention the specific detail that you think they should, their personality and the messages they come through with will still validate they are coming through for you. And sometimes they may have validated that message, but the Medium didn't get it, or they validate other things meant to confirm their existence. It takes a lot of energy on both the Medium's part and that of the spirit, they have to lower their vibration, and I have to raise mine, until we connect. Often times in the beginning, it is like fine tuning an am radio station that doesn't come in very clearly, first one way, then back, until you get it as clear as you can, then once you are connected to them, ignore the static and proceed. However, spirits are just as we are, some communicate very clearly, and are very open, and others more quiet and shy, these differences will also affect how the Mediums receives messages. Sometimes, things will come through in opposites, the Medium gets black dog, and they meant white cat, but usually once the Medium figures out the communication style they can refine the messages. The key to all of this however is, that the messages have to be validated by you, for the Medium to know if they are on the right track or not, after all, it is you who had the relationship with them, not me, what they show me will make more sense to you then it will to me. This is especially true when more than one spirit comes through together, which may be someone you knew as well, or someone your loved one is close to that you didn't know well or at all. It is then that I will need your help to separate the messages and define the energies as separate as initially sometimes they feel like one being, then I can try to give you their messages and characteristics separately. I find for myself, that if I deliver the message as I get it, without trying to interpret it, that it will make much more sense to you. An example, I once got a message from a father, saying “my funny little shoes”, the daughter laughed and said her father used to cut the toes off of all of his shoes. Had I tried to interpret this, what do you think I would have done to that? It was so much out of the realm of my experience, that I was much better to off to just say what he gave me, and let her figure out what he meant. Sometimes it seems odd that we get the strange, unexpected validations that we do (like the shoes mentioned above) when we wanted to hear something more meaningful, why this happens no one can really say, other than that they are beings with free will and we can not script what it is we expect for them to convey. We just have to appreciate the validations and affirmations that we do receive, and not question why. A few good analogies that describe this process of interpreting their communication is: playing charades, putting a puzzle together, or my favorite, translating a foreign language. They show me pictures, that then I have to interpret and figure out how to convey to you, and then you have to be open minded enough to hear what I'm saying and help me, so that we can figure out what they mean together.

Can you get messages from spirits who spoke languages other than English while they lived here on earth?

Yes, in the above story (referring to his shoes), he had spoken Spanish while alive, and I do not. I could tell he was communicating his ideas a little differently, but it felt like an accent to me. It will help the clarity of your reading, and in helping me to interpret the messages, if you have a fairly good grasp of the English language yourself. I have found that extreme cultural differences are harder to interpret, when he showed me images I could relate to them, but when a Chinese woman did, they were so out of the realm of my experience I didn't know what she was showing me much of the time. However, there is a universal language shared by all on the other side, that is unaffected by time, place, and even language.

Where is the spirit world, are my loved ones in Heaven?

Heaven is all around us, not above or otherwise. Everything is made up of energy and vibrations, here and there. The vibration of the physical world is slow and dense, whereas the spirit world vibrates at a much higher rate. If you envision water in it's different forms, as liquid, ice (here on Earth) or vapor (the spiritual realms). There is a thin layer (I think of this as “The Veil”) between this world and the spirit world, the only thing separating us, is the frequency of the vibrations. They often times come through with information that where they are in a “physical” place, with beauty all around them, music, food, colors, etc. that they help others, have jobs and even animals surrounding them. How and why this is I don't know, I believe that we are not meant to understand certain aspects while we are here, again, this is where “blind faith” is necessary.. I do know, that the spirit world is made up of pure, unconditional love and light.

What do our Angels or Spirit Guides do, what type of messages do they give?

It depends on where you are on your spiritual journey as to what type of guidance they will offer. If you are fairly spiritually advanced and knowledgeable and have already begun seeking your purpose, their messages may be pretty “deep”, or if you're just beginning to seek answers, they may come through with your purpose and what directions will help you to further your understanding and connection. Either way, their goal is always to offer you divine love, guidance and support for you to live your happiest life and fulfill your purpose for this life. Often times they do this by offering “clues”, which they want you to be able to figure out on your own to further your own understanding. In other words, they don't just give you all the answers at once, but offer continual guidance based on the progress you make on your own. There are also many different types of Guides, and they play different roles in our lives, often working together, or only for certain purposes or periods in our lives; it is very unique to each individual. Please read more about working with your guides, in my reply to the next question.

I have these gifts and I feel like I should share them and help people. I have been ignoring my abilities, but I want to listen now. What can I do? Can you help me to know how to move forward with my spiritual path?

Yes, I would suggest beginning by having a session to contact your Spirit Guides, and depending on where you are in your journey, they will assist by sharing direction on how you can best proceed. The information will vary depending on how far you have evolved spiritually. First, make sure you have spent some time in preparation, mentally asking them what you want to know, but also thanking them for their guidance, spending some time on gratitude for everything they have already done for you, (even if you were not always aware of them), appreciating their love, guidance and time. Being grateful for your life and blessings in general. You must be prepared to leave any old conditioning, ideas, thoughts, preconceived notions, hurts, resentments, negativity etc. behind, and be prepared to moved forward, in Love & Peace. Time will tell if they will be simple and brief, or complex and deep, or somewhere in between, but be prepared for anything. Hear what you are being told, rather then thinking of what you want to ask or say. Be in the Now. They are different, have a different perspective and communicate differently, so you'll need to raise your consciousness. Realizing this, choose your questions with consideration. Imagine if you will,  a loving, but firm teacher, not giving answers but leading you to find them on your own, this is how your Guides are. If you are really ready to work with them, you need to quiet your mind, to really "hear" them, leaving your expectations at the door, respect the journey they will take you on, and ultimately trust them and yourself. As with many other things in life, be prepared to not necessarily hear what you want to hear, but be open to whatever they share.. Realize that they may not share everything right up front, as they may expect you to find out many things on your own, based on your own receptivity and growth. In essence, you must be ready to be spiritually awakened, by this journey you are beginning.  Make sure you are really prepared... If you choose to book a session to contact your Spirit Guides, I will provide more information to you regarding the process, depending on where you are on your journey. I personally will also offer useful suggestions based on what they convey, that will help you on your journey, which may include levels of mentor ship if you desire.

I have heard that Mediums generally do not have the ability to communicate with loved ones as well as Spirit Guides, that it's usually one or the other, why can you communicate with both?

I don’t really know, and I’m not sure that anyone can definitively say that they do know, other than to say I am very blessed and have spent many years learning how to utilize my gifts, and that’s just how they have manifested for me.

I have heard many Psychic Mediums talk about just walking up to someone and sharing messages that they are getting from the other side, do you do this with strangers and/or people you know?

I do not. For me, the door has to be opened by a request. I am very fortunate that I am able to operate in my day to day life, without being constantly bombarded by messages from the other side. Through many years of refining my gift, I have been able to find the fine line of trusting my intuition and the helpful I guidance I receive throughout my day, without receiving messages for anyone, anytime. I have purposely worked on this, because I do not believe it is appropriate to offer messages to someone “out of the blue” when they may or may not be ready for it. It is their personal path, and their responsibility to seek. If I am meant to help, the opportunity will present itself, when the time is right for them. If I do   receive a message that a spirit wishes to share, I ask the spirit to lead the person to me so that I can share their messages.

Do you filter any of the messages that spirits give you? Or do you share them in their purity, regardless of whether the information may hurt me?

Let me start by explaining, that there are many Psychic Mediums who aren't necessarily operating from their highest intent. As with any profession, there are both positive and negative individuals practicing. We all know that in our daily life, it isn't always what is said, but how it's said. It is the same thing for Psychic Mediums, when they are not balanced and working from loving intent. I've heard many sad stories of things that have been told to my clients by other “Psychics”, that should not have been, often times this comes from their own issues, rather than anything that spirit has conveyed. It is not a matter of not sharing a message, but considering the wording, and/or asking spirit to rephrase a message in a way that you are comfortable conveying, if necessary. It is a question I often ask myself, how there are Mediums that are not operating from loving intent, one would think they would not be given the gift, if they are not centered in “right intent”, but sadly, that is not always the case. Because of this, you need to be very careful and aware when choosing a Medium, and find one that understands the impact they can have on you, and takes this responsibility very seriously. Also, a reputable Psychic Medium will be there for you in the future if you need them, but will also encourage you to move on and allow you to feel your loved ones near without their help, without attempting to keep you tied to them and future consultations, through dependency. That being said, it is a very fine line to be true to spirit and convey their messages, while also being aware of someone's emotional delicacy. For me, I believe that when you are centered in loving intent, this usually works itself out, without you having to gauge whether you should share a message or not. Also, keeping in the mind, that beings on the other side, typically, do not hold on to their old human issues, they communicate very much from love and light, they want only to help you by sharing messages of love and encouragement, not judgment or pain. This doesn't mean they always tell you what you want to hear, as sometimes we don't want to hear the truth or take responsibility, but you should seriously reconsider any messages a Psychic has conveyed that tells you otherwise. One example I heard from a client regarding her prior reading with an astrologer: “You haven't felt your father near you because he says he's still angry with you”. This Psychic was an astrologer, not a Psychic Medium, and not only was this untrue, but very irresponsible as well. Would you go to a dermatologist to operate on your heart? I think not, Psychic Mediums specialize in contacting loved ones on the other side, that is what they spend the majority of their time doing, it is their specialty. You should not rely on Psychics, Astrologers, Tarot card readers etc. to contact your loved ones, but only a reputable, credible, responsible Psychic Medium.

So then, what is the difference between a Psychic and a Psychic Medium?

Even though we are called "Psychic Mediums" there is a difference between a Psychic reading and a Psychic Medium reading. There is a phrase used that describes the difference well: "All Psychic Mediums are Psychics, but not all Psychics are Mediums." In other words, Psychics connect with your energy to obtain information about your past,  present and future and provide guidance based on this information. Psychic Mediums connect with energy from The Other Side, this can be your loved ones that have crossed over, guides, angels etc. which provide validations,  affirmations, and information, as well as guidance. Often times direction is conveyed during my reading, but it is not coming from you or I, but from the spirit realms. There are a few different types of Mediums: mental, trance, physical, and channeling. I am a Mental Medium, which is best described as communication of spirits with a Medium by telepathy. Of the 7 "Psychic senses," I have 5: Clairvoyance (the ability to see anything which is not physically present, such as objects, animals or people, this sight occurs "in the mind’s eye"). Clairsentience (also called Psychometry) involves getting a glimpse of other realities or even entities through a sense of touch. This can occur when a Psychic touches a person and receives feelings, or by touching an object, then receives visions, it can also be the physical sensations a Psychic experiences when being touched by a spirit, not to be confused with Clairsentinence in which the Medium takes on the ailments of a spirit in their physical body prior to death. Clairaudience is usually defined as the ability to hear thevoices or thoughts of spirits, some Mediums hear as though they are listening to a person talking to them on the outside of their head, as though the Spirit is next to or near to the Medium, and other Mediums (like myself) hear the voices in their minds as a verbal thought. Claircognizance is the ability to know something without receiving it through normal or Psychic senses, it is a feeling of "just knowing". Often, a Medium will claim to have the feeling that a message or situation is "right" or "wrong. I try not to over analyze the "how's" or "why's," as I believe that it is something that just is. The Psychic Medium mentally hears, sees, and/or feels messages from spirits, passing along the information to the message recipient(s), who can then interpret their meaning. Or more simply, I connect with loved ones from The Other Side, and share their messages with you. You should ascertain what it is you are seeking, and then choose the appropriate guidance, either Psychic or Psychic Medium. You would not go to a dermatologist if you needed heart surgery right?

Can children and miscarriages or stillborns come through?

Yes, and they often times do, even if you are not aware of them. If that is where your grief lies, and they are the being you want to connect with, they will come through, as they are close to you. Often times, they come through with another being, usually an angel or other being of light. You need to remember that if their life experience was limited, their references to it will be as well.

Why do people need Psychics or Mediums, can't we all do this on our own if we each have the special spiritual gifts that you say we do?

Those on the other side, will come through in their own way, and it IS up to each of you to receive messages from them on your own. I would be the last person to tell you that I am more capable of doing this then you yourself are. The deceased come through all the time, for all of us. Ultimately it is a personal choice to gain the awareness to hear, if we listen, they are there, for all of us, but there are many factors to it, that can affect our individual abilities to do so, as with any other ability. Often times grief itself can interfere with our spiritual balance, which in turn can interfere with our ability to connect. It is up to each of you as individuals, to choose what you believe and find your own gifts; To be open and experience your own journey. These spiritual journeys don't come easily, they come from dedication, patience, and faith, but most of all from being in a positive place of growth. It matters less what others tell us, than what we choose to tell ourselves.

How do I know what you are doing is real, since I myself can not do it?

I believe that each of us has special gifts of a spiritual nature, but as with physical, human skills, they vary greatly. You do have special gifts, but whether Mediumship is among them, is something that only you can find out. A good Psychic Medium can and should help you to tune into your spiritual awareness if you desire. I would like to tell you that everyone can do this, but I don't like to put that pressure on people, especially if you personally are not able to. It's like saying "Can anyone be a musician?" Well, with enough time, patience and dedication, perhaps anyone can play an instrument, but the end product will vary greatly. Some could be great, others not so much. And I think we all know that we are not all musicians here on Earth! Perhaps that too is a good analogy, we each play a different spiritual instrument, maybe mine is a violin, and yours, a piano.

Do Psychic messages or predictions come through during your readings? Do they ever predict death or other disturbing information?

They often times will share information about direction, and things you can do that are beneficial as well as information about what is going on with other family members. Predicting death or otherwise disturbing messages is not something they convey, it is my belief that either they are not “allowed” to, or they just don't know themselves. I personally am glad that they do not, as I personally would not be comfortable sharing this information, luckily I don't have to decide whether to or not.

What if I am unsure if I should get a reading, or am nervous about it?

I think everyone is a little nervous prior to their reading, but I believe that is different from being unsure in general. If you are unsure, or there is someone you have been trying to convince that they should do it but they are uncomfortable with it, then definitely you or they should not do it until you are ready. If you are meant to do it, there will come a time, when you will know that you're ready.

What if I am skeptical about this, should I get a reading?

Well, that's a somewhat difficult question to answer. Many people that have gone into a reading were skeptical, but had their minds changed because of what was conveyed. I think a certain level of awareness and discernment is not only healthy, but necessary. Alternately, I think if you are setting out to disprove me or the process, it is a waste of everyone's time and energy as well as your money. Too much skepticism blocks the energy and natural flow of what could be, so you will never really know what could have been explored if your mind and spirit had remained open to the process.

Have you ever participated in any studies regarding Mediumship?

Yes, I have. I was invited to participate with a study, which I did for a time. I decided to withdraw from the study because I did not feel that it was centered in right intent, keeping in mind the needs of the loved ones who were in pain, and honoring the process of sharing the message from the discarnates (spirits). The focus was on the numbers, and not keeping the energies involved as the priority, ethically I did not feel I could continue. I was found to be very accurate, but for me, that doesn't really matter, because in my heart and soul, I Know this to be real, and I know the help I have offered to others has helped them and changed their lives, that is my absolute proof, and for many this has succeeded where traditional grief counseling has not. My goal is not to change the mind of non-believers, but to reach those people that are seeking, and help them with their growth.


Are Ouija boards really dangerous?

Yes, I do not encourage the use of Ouija boards, as I believe that they can open a “door” to otherwise unwelcome energies, that can then be difficult to manage, once here. Curious teenagers can be especially susceptible to negative energies that are looking for opportunities to manifest their energy and impose their will. You must know, that when you are working with the other side, it is important that the energies are respected; this is not a game.

"Death is no more than passing from one room into another.

But there's a difference for me, you know.

Because in that other room,

I shall be able to see."
~Helen Keller

"The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking."
~Albert Einstein


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