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Spiritual Healing with Aliya

Love IS Stronger than Death

Welcome, my name is Aliya, I am a Psychic Medium and Spiritual Consultant, I look forward to getting to know you and help you connect with your Loved Ones on The Other Side, as well as Your Spirit Guides to help you better understand your spiritual journey here on earth. Your Spirit Guides and Angels want only the best for you, desiring you to fulfill your destiny, and are very cooperative in offering instruction and direction to assist you in leading your most productive, useful and happy life. Your Spirit Guides help with life direction, finding your purpose and joy through trauma healing and putting your childhood, past relationships and life struggles etc. into a healthier perspective so that you can move forward and live the healthy, happy life you came here to experience.

When we are out of alignment with our spirit and our spiritual purpose, we experience a body, mind and spirit that is out of balance. For many, this manifests in depression, anxiety, anger, addiction, confusion, as well as multiple physical/mental ailments and diseases. At the very least, this disharmony is not conducive to leading the joyful, balanced life and meaningful relationships with yourself and others that you are here for. When we find ourselves having unhealthy, toxic relationships with others as well as ourselves, it is a sign that we are not on our highest spiritual path. Living in joy and balance is possible, but it is your choice as to when you begin to do the work and claim your blessings.

I pray daily that whoever needs the help that I can provide, are brought to me.  

So know that if you are here, it is not a coincidence.

I am available for one time Spirit Guide sessions, as well as ongoing sessions to help with all the challenges mentioned above, and also *shadow side work. Committing to your spiritual growth is a lifetime process, which at times can feel overwhelming and confusing. There are times when we wonder what our greater spiritual purpose is, we experience difficulties with balancing our human struggles with our spiritual self. Taking leaps of faith is made easier when we receive spiritual guidance, having someone to add clarity to our difficulties, helps us to find our light.


*Shadow work is a process of inner alchemy in which you bring unwanted parts to the surface to purify, heal, and integrate into yourself. Your shadow isn’t something to be ashamed of or something to fear. It points to where you have work to do loving and accepting all parts of yourself for greater balance.

There is Light Beyond The Veil; Your loved ones and Spirit Guides are there, and are eager to communicate with you. A session with me can provide you with the opportunity to have interactive communication with The Other Side. I have been able to help many people cope with life challenges, trauma healing, childhood emotional wounds, as well as the grief of losing a loved one, by sharing messages and affirmations with them, which have changed their lives in multiple, positive ways. 


Knowing that our loved ones are not only happy and well, but they are still watching over us, sharing both our joys and sorrows, helps us to transition into a more peaceful and less painful place in our lives. Often times we have unfinished business with our loved ones, being able to have closure in these areas, allows us to gain peace of mind and focus on the loving aspects of our relationship with them. It has been validated through countless sessions, that those who have crossed over bring their loved ones to me so that they can connect with them.


Once you find peace, it will be easier for you to sense your loved ones and Spirit Guides presence. By working together I can help you to better understand the process, as well as validate that you too may have already felt their presence, and have been receiving their guidance and messages without being aware of it. 

I want to extend a heart-felt thank you to all of my wonderful clients who have kindly referred their friends and family to me! Your enthusiastic referrals and the gift of your words in your testimonials, are the highest compliment a person can receive! Each of you, your loved ones, and your stories, continue to hold a special place in my heart. I am grateful for the opportunity to meet wonderful new people, and help them connect to The Other Side's gift of loving, healing energy. I am grateful for any opportunity to grow and learn through connecting with The Other Side, as each time brings me closer to God's light as well.




 “Aliya is incredible at what she does. She has worked with me for months now on a certain issue involving the Heart. So far, we have had several meetings where she works with my Spirit Guides to convey messages that will help me on my next step in moving through this current ‘issue’. If I am at a block, or standstill, she will give me a message from my guides that will assist me in moving forward. She is patient, kind, compassionate, caring, truly Loves what she does & is there to help when you need her the most. I originally went to her thinking she mainly works with Loved ones on the ‘other side’ but quickly after speaking with her, learned she is an incredible medium/reader for the life ‘issues’ currently unfolding in my life & has tapped into my guides for guidance as to what to do & where help/growth is needed to assist me in manifesting my Hearts desires. The unfolding of working with her has been beautiful & I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with her.”

"You don’t have a soul.

You are a Soul.

You have a body."

~ C.S. Lewis

Different types of Psychic Practitioners

Because I am a Psychic Medium, any advice, prophecy, or predictions, come directly from the spiritual world of God, either from your Loved Ones, Angels or Spirit Guides. Even though we are called "Psychic Mediums" there is a difference between a Psychic reading and a Psychic Medium reading. There is a phrase used that describes the difference well: "All Psychic Mediums are Psychics, but not all Psychics are Mediums," meaning that a Psychic Medium specializes in communicating with The Other Side, and when you want to connect with The Other Side, you should consult with a Psychic Medium, not an astrologer, tarot card reader etc. just as you would not see a dermatologist for heart surgery.


Most reputable Mediums may not be available immediately or be low priced, however you want to be sure you select the correct type of psychic if you are wising to contact your loved onesone who has the experience and sensitivity required when supporting those who are grieving, as not all Mediums possess these skills. It is better to wait and get what you need, trusting in the timing of things, than to push it and waste not only your time and money, but put yourself in the position of being misled or compromised emotionally. My point is, it is worth your wait, to find someone you feel good about, one who has a solid reputation and client recommendations.

It is also VERY important when working with The Other Side, in any context, that whoever is guiding you, works within the safety of the light of God, so one should be mindful of this as well when selecting a practitioner.

"My feet will want to walk to where you are sleeping,
but I shall go on living."
~Pablo Neruda

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