Love IS Stronger than Death


Spiritual Readings with Aliya

I want to extend a heart-felt thank you...

I am glad that you are here. I hope that you find the information here to be helpful, interesting and brings you peace. My name is Aliya, and I look forward to getting to know you and help begin your journey of connecting with your loved ones on The Other Side. I also want to extend a heart-felt thank you to all of my wonderful clients who have kindly referred their friends and family to me! Your enthusiastic referrals and the gift of your words in your testimonials, are the highest compliment a person can receive! Each of you, your loved ones, and your stories, will always hold a special place in my heart.

There is Light Beyond The Veil; Your loved ones are there, and are eager to communicate with you.

My readings can provide you with the opportunity to have interactive communication with your loved ones on The Other Side. I have been able to help many people cope with the grief of losing a loved one by sharing their beloved's messages and affirmations with them. These have literally changed their lives in multiple, positive ways. Knowing that our loved ones are not only happy and well, but are also still with us, sharing both our joys and sorrows, that they are watching over us, and are able to share what they have observed in our lives, empowers us to move forward with the knowledge that we truly are not alone. Often times we have unfinished business with our loved ones. Things we wonder about, or something we were never able to hear or say before their passing. Being able to have closure in these areas, allows us to gain peace of mind and focus on the loving aspects of our relationship with them. Sometimes people also need the validation that they too have felt spirit presence, and have been receiving messages on their own.


In addition to contacting your loved ones on The Other Side, I am also able to communicate with your Spirit Guides to help you better understand your spiritual journey here on earth. Your Spirit Guides and Angels want only the best for you, desiring for you to fulfill your destiny, they are very cooperative in offering instruction and direction to assist you in leading your most productive, useful and happy life.

Grief Workshops and Intensive Weekend Mountain Retreats are also available, which can provide clarification, profound healing and transformation, and the continued illumination of The Other Side, through the sharing of personal experiences in a spiritual, relaxed, comfortable environment. 

"You don’t have a soul.

You are a Soul.

You have a body."

~ C.S. Lewis

"You're so different, so peaceful."

For years, my Mediumship has been an informal, loving event shared amongst friends. After watching my best friend try to cope with the loss of her mother (for over a year), she finally got to the place where she was ready for a reading, and hoping that it would help her progress with her healing, she asked for my help. Because I knew both her and her mother, I was concerned whether the reading would be hard for me, and how genuine the information conveyed would feel to her. The reading absolutely amazed both of us (as well as the 2 other people there); Her mother cooperated and came through with information even I had no way of knowing, and she has been forever changed. Everyone who knows her sees this, her husband asking "What happened to you? You're so different, so peaceful. " This change has been ongoing, lasting and life altering.


The first hand healing I have witnessed on a very personal level, is what compels me to offer my guidance; It is something that I have always known I was here to do. I feel that I have to share this gift with others who are in pain, grieving the loss of a loved one, or anyone who just needs the reassurance that their loved one is still with them. To those of you seeking personal validation of what is on The Other Side, as part of your spiritual growth and understanding, I can help.


I am personally grateful for every reading, as it not only gives me the opportunity to meet wonderful new people, and help them connect to The Other Side's gift of loving, healing energy, but also because through each reading, I grow and learn and I too have the opportunity to connect with The Other Side, each time, bringing me closer to God's light as well.

"My feet will want to walk to where you are sleeping,

but I shall go on living."
~Pablo Neruda

There is a difference...

Because I am a Psychic Medium, any advice, prophecy, or predictions, come directly from the Spirit World, either from your Loved Ones, Angels or Spirit Guides. Even though we are called "Psychic Mediums" there is a difference between a Psychic reading and a Psychic Medium reading. There is a phrase used that describes the difference well: "All Psychic Mediums are Psychics, but not all Psychics are Mediums," meaning that a Psychic Medium specializes in communicating with The Other Side, and when you want to contact The Other Side you should consult with a Psychic Medium, not an astrologer, tarot card reader etc. just as you would not see a dermatologist for heart surgery. Most reputable Mediums may not be available immediately or be low priced, however you want to be sure you select the correct type of psychic if you are wising to contact your loved ones, one who has the experience and sensitivity required when supporting those who are grieving. It is better to wait and get what you need, trusting in the timing of things, than to just go with someone who has immediate availability and waste not only your money, but put yourself in the position of being misled or compromised emotionally. My point is, it is worth your wait, to find someone you feel good about, one who has a solid reputation and client recommendations.


There are a few different types of Mediums: mental, trance, physical, and channeling. I am a Mental Medium, which is best described as communication of spirits with a Medium by telepathy. Of the 7 "psychic senses," I have 5: Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Clairsentinence  and Claircognizance. You can visit here for further information regarding Mediumship and what the "psychic senses" mean. I try not to over analyze the "how's" or "why's," as I believe that it is something that just is. The Psychic Medium mentally hears, sees, and/or feels messages from spirits, passing along the information to the message recipient(s), who can then interpret their meaning. Or more simply, I connect with loved ones from The Other Side, and share their messages with you.

If you want to know more, read the rest of my story...