Spiritual Readings with Aliya

My Beloved's Obituary

Federico Montez Gonzales Jr. "Freddie" crossed over and became truly free on

December 5th, 2017.

He was born in Brownsville Texas on December 22, 1967 to his parents that he is survived by, Fred Gonzales Sr. & Guadalupe Montez Bedford.

Although his life had more than his fair share of difficulties, he touched everyone he met with his charisma, charm and his amazing smile.

Freddie felt blessed to be loved by his family and friends and to live in this amazing place.

In memory of Freddie, live as he did-

Appreciate the overwhelming wonder and beauty of nature. When you see a homeless person, give them money. When you see an animal, pet it. When you see something beautiful, slow down and take a picture of it. When you see someone who is sad, stop and talk to them. When you have a chance to make a child happy, do it. When you see a flower, smell it. When there's work to be done, do it. When you see pretty things, appreciate them. Wake up every day singing. When there's a hamburger, eat it. Watch Rudolph the Red nosed  Reindeer every year. When you hear music, sing and dance to it. Be happy. Appreciate people, thank them. Be patient with people. If someone is lonely, be there for them. Remember people's birthdays. Show people how much you love them. When people need help, give it to them. Make people feel special, listen, and engage them. Meet people wherever they are on their journeys. Always follow your heart.

Smile, smile, and smile again.


And if you see a helicopter, well...


He is survived by his devoted wife Aliya whom he deeply loved, his step-son Zane who he loved like a brother and his mother-in-law Stephanie who he was a committed, loving caregiver to.


He has a large extended family and many friends who will forever hold a special place in his heart.


He was loved by many and will be remembered by all.

Watch for him in the sunsets and the butterflies, he'll be with us in one form or another,  I promise you that.